Seeking Discomfort is The Key

Aamir Bin Abd
2 min readAug 1, 2018


Photo by Matt Artz on Unsplash

Hard truths are seldom told.

You can, just like many of us, spend your time reading an enormous number of productivity, self-development and how to change your life articles and feel good about yourself or you can swallow some hard truths and start making bigger changes in your life.

One of those hardly told hard truths:

Success lies in positive, persistent change and the struggle towards this change brings discomfort.

It’s easy to say you will follow a strict diet plan from today on but it’s freaking hard to keep yourself away from the same junk when you are hungry — Discomfort it causes.

Waking up early to the sound of chirping birds and taking a cold shower before sipping black coffee on the work table feels so powerful when you read about it but leaving the warm bed every day and pushing yourself to get up is really hard — Discomfort it brings.

You can either be ready for the discomfort that each change will bring with it and push yourself to get over it or you can just lose the game midway. Either way, discomfort will hit you; Discomfort because of the positive change or discomfort of not being able to change.

It Will Be Easy, Gradually

Yes, when you remain persistent in the change, be conscious of your actions, the intensity of this discomfort starts to recede. It’s natural and a part of habit building process.

So if you are still asking, how can I be more productive and better?
The answer is in getting up and seeking discomfort. Punch it hard I say.