Good Writing, Bad Thinking

Aamir Bin Abd
1 min readApr 27, 2020

(Written sometime in-between 2017 & 2018)

I am not good at writing. This is what I keep telling myself. Every time I plan to write down something, I compare myself with other professional writers out there. I see they are creating an impact. I see their writing has a meaning. I see how they are masters of their craft. Every time I compare, I find myself lacking in what they possess. Oh and this makes me feel so down and unimportant. This is the truth behind my procrastination on writing or in essence procrastination on everything.

(Written and published today: 28 Apr 2020, in isolation)

You ARE pretty damn good at writing. See those words flowing out, they are flowing out of your liquid soul. There is no good and bad writer, there are writers with different voices — unique voices — and this is yours. Own it, wear it and swim in it. Never look back, never look down. You are sufficient and you are doing great. Just stay consistent and be punctual. And as I said: “you are pretty damn good.”

The difference?