Do that one thing. The rest will follow.

Aamir Bin Abd
2 min readMar 25, 2023

If you were to take out a clean paper or a notepad and write down everything lingering in the back of your head that you need to do but haven’t taken action on, you’ll find there’s that one “thing” that is most urgent and of the highest priority. Paradoxically, you’ll find, that this “thing” is acting both as a doorway and a roadblock. It may not necessarily be a priority, but something about it makes it “that” thing. Perhaps only you know why it is of some importance and why it needs to come before everything else.

It’s always that one thing. That one thing you know you need to get done but a certain fear causes you to tighten up, takes you aback, and makes your chest heavy. This thing is your poison, but it is also your antidote. It is breaking you apart, but it will also soothe your veins. Why is this so?

I cannot say for sure. Perhaps because you’re too much of an abstract thinker, a visualizer like me and your imagination can make a cotton ball feel heavy like a stone. Maybe you are addicted to the shallow work of scrolling on a backlit battery-powered membrane. Or perhaps you need to sit down and look inside to understand what is causing you discomfort and sort through the hundred thoughts running through you. Maybe, but I don’t know for sure.

But if you were to accept this pain, this discomfort and uneasiness. The disagreement of yourself with yourself, and do that one thing despite your fear, I’ll tell you and I tell you by looking in the mirror that you’ll see a pathway open up.

Now, right now, without thinking, if you would jump in and do a bit of that “thing”, your soul-crunching list will suddenly become accessible to you. This I can tell you for sure.

So as he says: “Do that one thing. Do it now and the rest will follow”.